Webhooks FAQ

The Sherpa° webhook service provides a fast way to get updates on evolving restrictions and procedures. Below is a list of frequently asked questions on the Sherpa° webhook service.

Can we request changes or enhancements to your webhooks?

Our webhooks presented are in an experimental stage with limited support scope. We are happy to receive feedback on specific business and use cases we can accommodate as we review our webhooks solution.

How often this event type(travel_restriction_all) is triggered?

The travel_restriction_all event type is an easy way to register for all types of updates (created, updated and deleted events) on restrictions and procedures. As regards the frequency, there are currently two possible values:

  • Daily: every day around 8 AM
  • Instant: every hour (because we sync data to the database every hour)

Can we change/revoke the secret key ourselves?

Yes, you can update the secret keys using the PATCH method and you may delete a registered webhook using the DELETE method.

Could you explain more about the “path” field? In restrictions API response I only see “include” contain an array?

The path is the full attribute path for the value that was changed. Below is a sample of a typical response:

included: [{
"isoAlpha3": "CAN",
"countryName": "Canada",
"type": "COUNTRY",
"locationType": "ORIGIN"
"isoAlpha3": "GBR",
"countryName": "United Kingdom",
"type": "COUNTRY",
"locationType": "ORIGIN"

What is the difference between revision kind “A” and “E”?

Kind A: This means array modified and is specifically for array elements - adding new elements to an array, deleting one or more elements from an array, or rearranging in the position of elements are all considered kind A.

Kind E: This is for textual/numeric/boolean attributes.
More information on the revision is included in our webhooks documentation located here under revision subheading.

Can you please tell us more about the “category”, how many types are there?

Each segment provides you with a summary of travel rules grouped under various categories.
Please refer to this documentation for a list of categories and subcategories.

I see “includeReferenceOnly” set to false, but in response, I only see “procedure id”, or the actual data would be in the “include” section?

This is correct

How can we get webhooks procedure/restriction information in different languages supported by Sherpa?

Sherpa°'s current supported languages are available here.

The webhook requests will only return information in en-US and cannot be changed or modified at present. We recommend making a list or array of procedureids/restrictionids from the webhook call first and then making a second call against our /procedures or /restrictions endpoints with the appropriate ids and language selected.

This way the specific restrictions and procedures will be returned in the language passed as a parameter.

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