Procedure Categories

QUARANTINEQuarantine PolicyAll passengers who traveled to the a specified country during the last 14 days are prohibited to be accepted to all flights to Turkey. Otherwise, all passengers on the flights will be quarantined for 14 days.
NO_QUARANTINEQuarantine Policy
DOC_REQUIREDHealth Declaration RequirementAll travellers entering Chile, and when Chile is their final destination, must give a declaration which must be completed in the airplane, ship or land border.
PPEPersonal Protective EquipmentWhen travelling by air, travellers will be asked to cover their mouth and nose.
HEALTH_ASSESSMENTHealth AssessmentAll Passengers Will Be Required to Download and Respond to Daily Questions via a Self-Diagnosis Mobile App for 14 Days.
COVID_19_TESTCOVID-19 TestEvery individual entering Laos is required to provide samples for COVID-19 testing.
NO_COVID_19_TESTCOVD-19 TestDeprecating
COVID-19 test is not required
HEALTH_MEASURESHealth measuresMandatory accommodation booking for quarantine
SANITIZATIONSanitizationAdditional sanitization wipes are provided during flight
RE_ENTRY_PERMITAdditional permit required to re-enter countryTravellers that are not allowed to enter New Zealand can apply for entry if they fall into a selected category.
DEPOSIT_REQUIREDDeposit of funds requiredTravellers that are not citizens of Cambodia will be required to make a 3000 USD deposit at the airport to cover the costs of testing, quarantine accommodation, and other medical costs. After costs have been paid for, the remainder will be returned to the traveller.
HEALTH_INSURANCEHealth insurance policy
TRAVEL_INSURANCETravel insurance policy

Procedure Sub Categories

Sub CategoryDescriptionExample
ON_ARRIVALProcedure is in effect upon arrival in destination.Mandatory health risk assessment or mandatory isolation or quarantine to all foreigns entering Cambodia.
IN_FLIGHTProcedure applies to the duration of the flight.When travelling by air, travellers will be asked to cover their mouth and nose.
BEFORE_DEPARTUREProcedure is in effect prior to departure.Travellers who have a compassionate or compelling reason to travel to Australia can apply for an exemption.
BEFORE_ARRIVAL Procedure is in effect prior to arrival from a country.Travellers must pay for and take a PCR COVID-19 test through the portal within 72 hours of their departure from Sierra Leone. Certificates confirming the test result will be emailed and copies to collect in person at the airport. Travellers need to provide this certificate confirming the test result at check-in.
DOMESTICThis procedure applies to domestic travel.Travellers from one of the following states must quarantine upon arrival in New York.
IN_AIRPORTThis procedure applies at the origin or destination airport.Travellers must wear a mask while waiting in line to board the aircraft.

Link to additional required documentation

documentLinksList of URLs leading to a document or form that relates to this procedure.

Each Procedure object in the response includes details about the source of information, when it was last checked and updated.


Quarantine procedures significantly impact travel decisions. To address concerns, Sherpa° API offers helpful metadata describing quarantine procedures.

enforcementHow quarantine is enforced by the Government.MANDATORY, RECOMMENDED, MAY_BE_REQUIRED, OPTIONAL


COVID_TEST_RESULTTest results for a COVID-19 test
PASSENGER_LOCATOR_FORMForm for contact tracing
HEALTH_DECLARATIONDeclaration of health status
MEDICAL_CERTIFICATECertificate that often states a negative COVID-19 test, full vaccination or COVID-19 recovery
HEALTH_CERTIFICATECertificate that often states a negative COVID-19 test, full vaccination or COVID-19 recovery
COVID_19_VACCINATIONStates the vaccinations received
IMMUNITY_PROOFUsed as a proof of immunization
TRAVEL_AUTHORIZATIONAdditional document required for authorization for travel
QUARANTINE_FORMQuestionnaire required for quarantine
EXEMPTION_FORMForm to outline exceptions for a regulation
COVID_19_INSURANCEInsurance dedicated to COVID-19
RE_ENTRY_PERMITPermit that allows the re-entry into a destination
TRAVEL_DECLARATIONDeclaration of travel
PRE_REGISTRATION_FORMForm to pre-register as a traveller
ACCOMMODATION_BOOKINGProof of booking of an accommodation at destination
MOBILE_APPProcedures requires a mobile app to be downloaded
HEALTH_PASSDedicated certificate or pass used for authorization for travel or admission to places at destination e.g. restaurants or public areas
ETAElectronic Travel Authorization
VISAVisa, often used in combination with enforcement NOT_REQUIRED


MANDATORYThe procedure is mandatory and enforced.
RECOMMENDEDThe procedure is a general recommendation and has no enforcement.
MAY_BE_REQUIREDThe procedure has exceptions and conditions and may be mandatory or recommended, depending on the conditions outlined in the description and more properties.
OPTIONALThe procedure is optional, travellers have a choice.
NOT_REQUIREDThe procedure is not required. Used to explicitly outline that e.g. a quarantine is not required.

Medical Requirement Types

Requirement Type