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πŸ†• Travel Restrictions

Ease customers’ anxiety by informing them about COVID-19 travel restrictions, border control measures, and quarantine requirements.

Help customers plan their trips effectively. Provide information about travel advisories, restrictions, and procedures of a country. Notify customers with meaningful, up-to-date messages at every stage of the Travel Journey. Present relevant information that delivers exactly what your customers need in the exact moment they need it.

What information is available?

Country Information
Many countries and regions have imposed travel bans and restrictions on who can enter or exit. The entry/exit advisory provides an up-to-date border openness status of the CountryCountry - A country is a political state, nation, or controlled territory. It is usually represented by an ISO2 or ISO3 Code..
Learn more about countries

Restrictions are used to describe policies imposed by a country, region, airline or airport that prevent certain groups of people from travelling.
Learn more about restrictions

Procedures are used to describe medical, health, safety or other procedure that is imposed by a government, an airline or an airport.
Learn more about procedures

Electronic Visa availability
Some countries have temporarily restricted or suspended their eVisa programs.
Learn more about status

Procedures & restrictions include a directionality indicator so that you can tell at a glance whether a country is loosening or tightening border restrictions.
Learn more about directionality in procedures and restrictions.

Document Links
If additional documentation is required, a link to the related form is provided.
Learn more about document links related to procedures and restrictions.

Where do we get the data?

Our data is gathered from various trusted sources. Most of the information comes directly from Government Website, Travel Organizations & Services.

Source Examples:

How often is information updated?

Data refresh rates depend on the data itself and vary from hours to a month. Data that is time-sensitive like advisories and restrictions is more frequently refreshed than other information.


Restrictions and procedures in the response include details about the source of information, when it was last checked and updated.

Type of queries

It is important to present relevant information to users during the travel journey. To facilitate the process, we've added helpful ways to query the data.




All countries, single country or multiple countries

Get advisories, restrictions, and procedures for a country or list of countries.

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Get advisory, restrictions, and procedures of countries on a continent

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Get advisory, restrictions, and procedures of a country, taking into account the passengers Travel History.

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state, province

Get procedures and restrictions introduced by a state or province.

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Country codes

Information for a country can be queried by using ISO2 or ISO3 Country Codes)

API Reference

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Our API specification complies with the Open API standard, identified by IATA as the best practice for the airline industry.


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πŸ†• Travel Restrictions

Ease customers’ anxiety by informing them about COVID-19 travel restrictions, border control measures, and quarantine requirements.

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