WebApp FAQ

Can I link your webapp as an iframe on our site?

Due to our strict header control and better security, our WebApp solution will not work if embedded in an iframe. We highly recommend linking out to our WebApp solution from your page. The URL can be placed on your website behind a clickable link, image, or button, which, when clicked, redirects users to our Webapp solution.

What options or sizing do you take for the cobranding logo?

We request a horizontally oriented logo in .svg format. 110x30 pixels with no white space works best.

Is there a list of countries for which you do not have travel restriction information?

You can find this list by visiting our WebApp map here, where you can select the Unknown filter in the bottom right of the page. This filter will open a window that shows you the names of all countries for which we do not currently have travel restriction information.

Below is the current list

743 743 748

Certain airports are not on your list. What is the process to get these airports added in for us?

We highly suggest passing country code instead of airport code where possible. The end-users will receive the exact travel requirements. If the passing of country code does not meet your business requirements, we add airports to our database on a bi-monthly basis. If there is a list of airports your traveller's visit that isn't supported by sherpa°, please reach out to your account lead with a list and the airport three-letter codes with some traffic data for review by our product team.

Which test providers are shown to users?

Users are only shown test providers that service the region where they need a test. For example, users who require a US trial will see US-based providers. As of April 19, 2022, sherpa°’s COVID-19 testing partners include Collinson, Cue Health, Eurofins, and Test for Travel.

What regions do sherpa° cover with COVID-19 test providers?

We have partnerships with test providers covering >100 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America. Based on their trip, we can serve provider recommendations to 95% of sherpa° users.

Which COVID-19 test providers do sherpa° partner with?

As of April 19, 2022, sherpa°’s COVID-19 testing partners include Collinson, Cue Health, Eurofins, and Test for Travel. If you have a relationship with a test provider that you want to be added to our platform, let us know!

What if I want to add another COVID-19 test provider?

We are always open to adding new providers to our platform. Sherpa° cares that providers are reputable and will deliver a positive experience for all travellers. If you have a provider in mind, let us know!

Can I pick and choose which providers are shown?

At this time, we do not allow partners to pick and choose which providers are shown. For each search, we offer all providers that service the relevant region for that trip.