Requirements API v.2.8.4 - Announcing New Providers Endpoint

Sherpa° is partnering with trusted COVID-19 test providers and making it easy for our users to discover those providers within our platform. Whenever we inform a user of a COVID-19 test requirement, we’ll also display a list of test providers that service the relevant region. We already see high user engagement for this feature, and we are excited to share this with your users!


Requirements API v.2.8.4

Translation for COVID test type & conditions for testWindow now live


Requirements API v.2.8.3

'Visa Not Required' generated procedure for usecase destination and nationality being same


New Languages (Indonesian, Malay, Thai & Vietnamese)

In order to support partners and visitors around the world, we are working hard to add more languages to our products. And on Dec 29, 2021, we just added four more languages to our supported list.

Requirements API v2.8.0

🙅‍♂️ Removing attributes in the /v2/trips response

Requirements API 2.7.4

An exciting new update to introduce two new locales for our English-speaking audience while making it even easier for you to use our API!



As the world is adapting to increased vaccination rates we have added a new procedures in our database to highlight if vaccination certificates or vaccination passports are required and what the detailed requirements around those are.


Requirements API v2.7.1 and Trip Element

Personalization for Vaccinated travellers

Procedure Category Changes (Revised)



This is a proposed change and is not in effect yet.


Structuring COVID Data

Extending documentLinks