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Welcome to the Sherpa developer hub. We offer a suite of solutions that guides travellers from planning to a safe return home. Take a look at the integration guides, specific use cases and an interactive API Reference. Ready? Let's go.

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Requirements API v2.5.0

Posted by Ivan Sharko about a month ago

Stay up to date via Webhooks

SDK v1.1.1

Posted by Ivan Sharko 2 months ago

One of the biggest factors in traveller's decision making is the repercussions the trip upon return home. Is a vacation worth it, if you have to quarantine for 14 days?

SDK v1.1.0

Posted by Ivan Sharko 2 months ago

Our embeddable widget is now available in two modes: directly in DOM or in an iFrame.

Widget - Domestic Travel

Posted by Ivan Sharko 5 months ago

Domestic Travel


Requirements API v2.3.3

Posted by Ivan Sharko 6 months ago

New filters available


Requirements API v2.3.2

Posted by Ivan Sharko 7 months ago

Restrictions and Procedures can be filtered by category and subCategory


Requirements API v2.3.1

Posted by Ivan Sharko 7 months ago

Relationships are optionally included

Requirements API v 2.1.3

Posted by Ivan Sharko 2 years ago

Transit Requirements