Guide to Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps us analyze user behaviour within our solutions. Tracking analytics is crucial to business growth. With these tools, we can see how many users are using sherpa°, where they're coming from, what they're engaging with, and what actions they're taking, giving us insight into what they're looking at and how we can enhance their experience.

With this information, we can develop fully informed business strategies to increase conversions and revenues.

Definitions of terms:

  • WebApp: Co-branded website hosted by sherpa°. Here is an example
  • Element: Embeddable element within your website or product, this can be the Trip Element or Map Element

User Engagement (compared with the previous time period)

Total users: the number of people that visit the sherpa° WebApp or embeddable elements. Total users track both new and returning users.

User Corridor Search: tracks the user's input of origin country code and destination country code

Traffic Source tracks where users come from. These are the websites from which users are viewing sherpa° solutions

Partner Brands: if you have a dedicated affiliate ID for each brand, we can break it down by this dimension

Device category: the type of device a user engages with while interacting with sherpa°

Element/WebApp Interaction: The number of users who have clicked on any content on one of the elements or the WebApp solution

Element/WebApp Engagement Rate: The percentage of users who interact with our products by hovering over the map, searching for a trip, or clicking on any functionality.

Element/WebApp Eligibility Rate: The percentage of users who are eligible for an eVisa based on the number of users who can see the "Apply Now" button

Element/WebApp Eligibility Conversion Rate: The percentage of users who complete a transaction given that they view the "Apply Now" button, that is, they are eligible for an eVisa

Element/WebApp Clicked Conversion Rate: The percentage of users who complete a transaction given that they clicked on the "Apply Now" button and started the application process.

Total API Requests: how many API requests there were. Please note that our system treats each interaction from our users as a single request. For example, when searching for a trip, upcoming changes information shows up for a user, then they will need to input their origin, destination, travel date and passport; thus, this counts as five requests

Average Daily/Monthly request: average number of user requests per day or month.

eVisa Sales:

  • Transactions: the number of purchases
  • Travellers: the number of travellers
  • Application fee: the total application fee
  • Partner share fee: partner's portion of the fee
  • Sales by-product: where customers apply for eVisas from
  • eVisa status: Status the eVisa application is in (application process)
  • Sales by countries: where customers applying for eVisas to travel to
  • Eligible for eVisas: of users who see 'apply now’

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