Traffic & Analytics Tracking

This guide explains how to track traffic and analytics for your sherpa° webapp using UTM parameters by embedding them within links.

Step 1. Select UTM Parameters

Currently, sherpaº supports the following UTM parameters in our reporting:

1. utm_source
2. utm_medium
3. utm_campaign 

Step 2. Assign values to each UTM parameter

You can assign values to each UTM parameter by using the following syntax: utm_parameter=value.

For example, to assign a value of website to utm_medium and spring2023 to utm_campaign you would use: utm_medium=website and utm_campaign=spring2023

Step 3. Embed UTM parameters & values into the WebApp URL.

UTM parameters are considered query parameters, which means they can be appended anywhere in the URL after the question mark ‘?’.

Use the ampersand ‘&’ to separate the parameters and values within the WebApp URL.

For example, to use the values in Step 2, you would use the following link:

What’s Next

For more information on UTM Parameters please see this Google Article: