Using Placement and UTM Parameters

This guide explains how to use UTM parameters and embed them within your webapp.

Step 1. Select UTM Parameters

Currently, sherpaº supports the following UTM parameters in our reporting:

1. utm_source
2. utm_medium
3. utm_campaign 

Step 2. Assign values to each UTM parameter

You can assign values to each UTM parameter by using the following syntax: utm_parameter=value.

For example, to assign a value of website to utm_medium and spring2023 to utm_campaign you would use: utm_medium=website and utm_campaign=spring2023

Step 3. Embed UTM parameters & values into the WebApp URL.

UTM parameters are considered query parameters, which means they can be appended anywhere in the URL after the question mark ‘?’.

Use the ampersand ‘&’ to separate the parameters and values within the WebApp URL.

For example, to use the values in Step 2, you would use the following link:

What’s Next

For more information on UTM Parameters please see this Google Article: