API Endpoints

Requirements API can returns information about travel restrictions using HTTP requests. The API follows Resource Oriented Design practices and follows JSON specifications.


The following requests as are available:

  • Trips returns travel restrictions for a specified as described using a set of SegmentSegment - A part of a trip between two successive stops. A return trip consists of two segments..

  • Countries Information returns travel restrictions and procedures imposed by select country or countries.

  • Regions Information returns travel restrictions and procedures imposed by select region or regions.

  • Restrictions returns all or specific travel restriction.

  • Procedures returns all or specific travel procedure.

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Each country has a number of administrative sub divisions which are represented by the Region resource in our API. Just like countries, a Region can have a series of Restrictions and Procedures bound to that specific region.

Where does the information come from?

Data is aggregated from various trusted sources. Most of the information comes directly from Government Website, Travel Organizations & Services.

Source Examples:



Response payloads always include details about the source and freshness of information.

How often is information updated

Data available via the API is synchronized with sherpa's internal database every hour. It is not recommended to cache the data for longer than an hour.

Language support

The content is localized to several languages.

Open API

Our API specification complies with the Open API standard, identified by IATA as the best practice for the airline industry.

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