Releases and maturity levels

This page explains the release process of sherpa°, how it's versioned, and how to handle breaking changes that might happen throughout releases.

🎉 New Releases

Sherpa° typically ships a new release every week. This is not a hard rule as releases might be delayed or postponed due to internal reasons.

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Product maturity levels

New releases may include products and features at different maturity levels, which describe a product or feature's completeness and what users can expect from them.

There are three levels of maturity: Preview, Early Access, and Generally Available (GA).


A feature or product is in Preview when

  • we have validated a problem and are considering a solution to it, but we are not certain whether the solution is complete or a perfect fit for the problem
  • we want to gather more data and feedback to adjust the solution as necessary, knowing that users are prepared for significant breaking changes
  • this feature is not subject to SLA

Generally, we don't recommend using Preview features or products in production.

Early Access

A feature or product is in Early Access when

  • we have validated the feature or product in terms of direction and shape
  • users can count on the feature or product and associated API to be mostly stable unless stated otherwise in the changelogs and documentation
  • there are no significant known issues, although minor bugs or incomplete documentation might exist
  • we welcome feedback on these to make the solution stable
  • this feature is not subject to SLA

Early Access features are typically available behind a feature flag or require some form of opt-in.

We recommend using Early Access features or products in production with care.

Generally Available (GA)

If a feature or product is Generally Available (GA):

  • the solution has been tested for some time and we received enough feedback to consider it stable and ready for production