Requirements API Quick Start

Travel restrictions and entry requirements for your trip.


Get up and running with the sherpa° travel rules API in just a few minutes. In this guide, you will learn how to add visa and COVID-19 rules to your platform with just a single API request.

1. Get API Key

If you don't have your API key yet, please request it here.


This guide uses sandbox development environment. You require separate API keys for sandbox and production.

2. URLs


Production API Key URL

3. Import Postman Collection

Postman is a tool for easy RESTful API exploration. You can use Postman to test API calls multiple times without writing code. Get started by exploring the API with sandbox credentials before moving to development.

  1. If you do not have Postman installed, we recommend downloading it from the Postman website.

  2. Click the button to import the Sherpa° Requirements API Collection
    Run in Postman


4. Create an Environment

Create a new Postman Environment with your API Key and Affiliate Id. These values will be automatically use with all API requests done in Postman.

Don't forget to save the environment after making changes.


Make sure the correct environment is selected before making requests.


5. Make an API Request

Choose an API request from the collection. This example shows how to retrieve travel restrictions for an international, one-way trip from Egypt to Canada.


The collection includes folders for each sherpa° API endpoint with preconfigured examples you can use to test each endpoint and develop an understanding of various combinations of filters.

We highly recommend reading what our endpoints represent next to help plan on using the correct endpoint for your business case.

What’s Next