Application Widget FAQ

What is the window where Sherpa processes eVisas called?

The window is called 'Application Widget'. This is invoked via all our solutions to allow customers to enter details and process their visa applications. Sherpa° remains Merchant of Record for all transactions completed via the Application Widget.

Can we use your submission API to get visa details and become Merchant of Records?

At present, our submission API access is not available to our partners. Sherpa° is revamping the API, but release and access dates are unavailable at present.

What is the expected behaviour for the Application Widget when the URL is invoked from the API response?

The current supported and suggested behaviour is for the Application Widget to open in a new tab on the browser.

I would like for the Application Widget to open as a modal window overlay on the same tab, can this be done?

While this is possible, this is not the current recommended approach by Sherpa°. Here are a few items to keep in mind for the user experience:

  • The iframe overlay that opens for Application Widget the back and closing 'X' buttons at the top right will not work. It is suggested partners who take this approach code around the buttons to ensure they will function.

Can you provide a list of resource endpoints used for our Content Security Policy header?

Content-Security-Policy: script-src
Content-Security-Policy: style-src
Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors
Content-Security-Policy: frame-src
Content-Security-Policy: frame-src
Content-Security-Policy: connect-src
Content-Security-Policy: img-src
Content-Security-Policy: style-src