Structuring COVID Data

Extending documentLinks

Procedures like Mandatory Health Forms had helpful links that could be presented to travellers to point them in the right direction, but they were missing context. There was no way to tell if the link leads to a mandatory iOS app, a PDF or website.

We are extending the documentLinks model with helpful metadata.

"documentLinks": [
  	"title": "Travel Declaration Form", // new
		"description": "Travel declaration form for Aruba", // new
		"type": "LINK", // new
		"url": ""
titlestringName of the document or action that can be taken by the user.
typeenumType of document or action. One of: LINK, DOCUMENT, INSTRUCTION
urlstringThe url of the website, form, app or PDF. Returned empty if type is INSTRUCTION


To help communicate if COVID-19 test or Quarantine is mandatory, we added an enforcement attribute to several procedures. The "enforcement" attribute is available for most procedures, including COVID-19 test, Quarantine, Required Documents and PPE.

"attributes": {
	"title": "Quarantine may be required",
	"enforcement": "MAY_BE_REQUIRED",

COVID-19 Testing Information


Travellers need to understand which types of test are required for travel, and when they should take them. We extended our data model to provide structured information, including

Test Type medicalRequirementType
The API returns test types required by governments for example PCR_TEST or NUCLEIC_ACID_TEST.

If a test type is not specified, the API returns UNSPECIFIED_COVID_TEST.

In the future, we will extend these types with COVID_VACCINE.

Test Window testWindow
Information about test validity and how soon before arrival or boarding it should be taken.

Required or Not enforcement
COVID-19 tests are not enforced ubiquitously. Sometimes, they are required for entering a destination. This scenario is marked with MANDATORY enforcement. In other cases, a COVID-19 test can reduce or prevent quarantine. In this case, the enforcement is OPTIONAL.

            "id": "cbe7d927-4348-4180-bfa7-7d3f2df00802",
            "type": "PROCEDURE",
            "attributes": {
                "country": "ABW",
                "title": "Proof of negative COVID-19 test results",
                "description": "Travelers aged 15 years and older are required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular...",
                "directionality": "MORE",
                "enforcement": "MANDATORY",
                "medicalRequirementType": [
                "testWindow": [
                        "type": "HOURS",
                        "value": 72,
                        "condition": "BEFORE_FINAL_BOARDING",
                        "text": "72 hours"
                "documentType": [
                "severity": 3,
                "more": [
                    "All travelers not showing documentation indicating a negative Molecular COVID-19 ..."
                "tags": [
                "source": {
                    "sourceType": "GOVERNMENT",
                    "title": "Aruba Tourism",
                    "url": ""
                "lastCheckedAt": "2021-01-30T00:00:00Z",
                "lastUpdatedAt": "2021-01-30T16:34:00Z",
                "stillCurrentAt": "2021-01-30T00:00:00Z",
                "createdAt": "2020-10-28T20:42:04Z",
                "startDate": "2020-12-04T00:00:00Z",
                "endDate": null,
                "category": "DOC_REQUIRED",
                "subCategory": "BEFORE_ARRIVAL"