Requirements API v2.3.3

New filters available

Filter by countries travellers are coming from or going to
A new filter originCountries can be applied to restrictions and procedures

e.g. Show all restrictions and procedures coming from France to Norway

GET /v2/countries/NOR?filter[restriction.originCountries]=FRA&filter[procedure.originCountries]=FRA&include=restriction,procedure

Same applies to destinationCountries in order to determine restrictions and procedures that apply when leaving from a country (the origin) to another (the destination)

Filter by active date for restrictions and procedures
Now it can be determined if a restriction or procedure is active at a certain date. This filter is limited to future events only. Choosing a date prior to the current date will not result in showing restrictions or procedures that had been active on that particular date.

e.g. What restrictions are active on August 1st in Canada

GET /v2/countries/CAN?filter[activeDate]=2020-08-01&include=restriction

List of countries and regions made available

Restrictions and procedures now include a list of countries and regions that are affected as well as exempt by this restriction or procedure.

e.g. Procedures for Great Britain (Jul 17th, 2020) include



  "id": "c2826c74-9db2-44ad-872b-3476bd4fcbaa",
  "type": "PROCEDURE",
  "attributes": {
    "country": "GBR",
    "title": "No quarantine required",
    "description": "Travellers that have been in only a selected country for the past 14 days prior to their arrival in England do not have to self-isolate. Travellers to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are required to follow each regions own quarantine policies.",
    "directionality": "LESS",
    "endDate": null,
    "included": [
        "isoAlpha3": "AND",
        "countryName": "Andorra",
        "type": "COUNTRY",
        "locationType": "ORIGIN"
    "category": "QUARANTINE",
    "subCategory": "ON_ARRIVAL"
  "relationships": {
    "country": {
      "meta": {
        "count": 1
      "data": {
        "id": "GBR",
        "type": "COUNTRY"