Requirements API v 2.1.3

Transit Requirements

Added query parameters for transit requirements

This is an extension of the Entry Requirements.

transit - Boolean - indication for transit query
connectingTime - Number - connecting time between flights
throughBorderControl - Boolean - going through the border control

curl --location --request GET ''


We have added a resource called Ports and Border Crossings to the API, which can be viewed at the ports endpoint. The list of ports can help with getting the correct entry requirement for a travellers, since some Electronic Visas and other Entry Requirements are restricted by ports.

There are two new endpoints:
/ports - list of ports
/ports/{portId} - information about a specific port

Entry Requirements

Added the following keys to the visa node:
country2 - ISO2 country code for the destination
allowedStay - moving towards camelCase key names across the API. Same value as 'allowed_stay'
allowedStayInDays - how many days a traveller can stay under the provided requirement
portRestriction - does this requirement have a Entry/Exit port restriction


allowed_stay deprecating soon. Use allowedStay instead.

Please switch from using keys with underscore towards camelCase.

Passing Port Of Entry in query
When querying entry requirements, you can now pass port of entry as an optional query parameter.

You can pass an airport's 3 letter IATA Code, or a code retrieved from Sherpa's list of ports and border crossings.

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' '{{api-key}}'

Data Updates

Added missing country code for Tajikistan
Added missing information for Norwegian nationals
Added missing information for Irish nationals