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Create an Order

Orders can be created by passing along a list of items (product ids and optionally application details). An unpaid order can be settled by invoking the pay endpoint for that specific order. At any given time, the status of an order can be viewed.

Create a new order for one traveller

curl -X POST \  '<<submissionApiKey>>' \  
  -H 'affiliateId: <<affiliateId>> \
  -d '{ 
    "contactName": "John Smith",    
    "contactEmail": "[email protected]",
    "items": [
    "productId": "TUR_EVISA__60_90DAYS",            
    "programId": "TUR_EVISA",
    "applicationData": {}

This results in an order with a status of CREATED and a paymentStatus UNPAID

Updated about a year ago

Create an Order

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